A Patient's Guide to TruDenta [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you suffering from chronic headaches, jaw pain, or other kinds of head and neck pain? If so, your bite may be to blame. Imbalanced distribution of force in your mouth can trigger a range of painful symptoms. Now, help is available with TruDenta. TruDenta utilizes therapies perfected in sports medicine to alleviate migraines, TMJ, cluster headaches, and more. Treatment starts with a complete evaluation of your symptoms by your dentist, who can then develop a personalized plan for addressing your symptoms. Some of the painless, needle-free treatments used in TruDenta include ultrasound, cold laser, and microcurrent. Find out how TruDenta can help you in this infographic from Woodlands Orthodontic Center. Our orthodontist in The Woodlands can help you live pain-free with TruDenta. Please help others living in pain by sharing information about TruDenta treatment.

trudenta infographic
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