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orthodontist the woodlands txHave you noticed that headaches have many more symptoms than just pain? An orthodontist in The Woodlands will know that chronic headaches can also cause you to feel anxious, tired, and sleep deprived. Migraine sufferers endure hours or even days of discomfort, becoming sensitive to light and sometimes experiencing visual disturbances. Tension headaches, sometimes mistaken for migraines, cause a feeling of pressure in the face, neck, and head.

All too often, recurring headaches of all varieties aren't properly diagnosed, so the root cause is never treated. Treating symptoms without treating the cause can have severe consequences. In fact, overuse of some headache-relief medications actually causes headaches, worsening the problem. Why take painkillers that only temporarily mask symptoms when you can eliminate headaches altogether?

An orthodontist using TruDenta technologies can give you a full examination to see whether or not your chronic headaches are being caused by a problem with your jaw. An orthodontist can also identify the proper treatment using a whole-body approach that may involve the use of cold lasers, therapeutic ultrasound, and microcurrent electric stimulation. Trigger point manipulation is another of the drug-free, non-invasive techniques that TruDenta employs.

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