What Is the TruDenta Process?

trudenta process woodlands TXThanks to advanced technology, it is now easier than ever to achieve your dream smile through customized orthodontic practitioner here in the Woodlands. One of the best examples of this technology is the TruDenta device, which is one of the most accurate measurement devices around for analyzing the mouth. Let’s take a closer look at the TruDenta process.

Analyzing Various Features of the Jaw

The first two steps in the TruDenta process are directed at analyzing the various features of your particular jaw, namely its bite force and its range of motion. To test bite force using the TruDenta process, your dentist or orthodontic practitioner will utilize the device’s T-scan technology to develop a 3D image. Range of motion will be examined using techniques that reveal your head’s movement in relation to the neck.

Examining Your History of Headaches

Do you suffer from time to time with migraine headaches? Your history of headaches is actually an incredibly telling piece of information for dentists to use when completing the TruDenta process. Headaches can be an indicator of dental conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder, otherwise known as “TMJ”, or hint at overly crowded teeth that are prone to infection. One of the top goals TruDenta aims to achieve is relief from tension caused by poor teeth alignment or other dental problems.

Spotting Facial Trigger Points

Lastly, the TruDenta process will require your dentist to perform a simple muscle exam to find trigger points in your face or neck. A trigger point is an area that is sore due to the presence of a knot or muscle band. You will be able to assist your orthodontist in discovering these spots by simply sharing with him or her the locations where you experience pain or stiffness in the neck and head region. He or she can also find specific points individually by performing a simple myofascial muscle palpitation exam.

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